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Protect Operations Solutions is committed to providing, long lasting, high quality, local solutions from  the point of sale to the warehouse. Contact us for a quote for your upcoming pin pad upgrade, high theft area, warehouse solution or other custom project.


Pin Pad Security and Display Solutions.

Protect Operations Solutions was founded with pin pad security at its core. Focused on high quality Canadian built solutions for the most used pin pads on the market. Fixed, Releasable, Tethered and Drive-Thru options available today for IPP320, Lane 3000, Desk 5000 and P400, or bring us your custom need and we'll help you design and build a solution that works for you.

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Convex Mirrors

Whether for shedding some light on your blind spots in your store or making sure warehouse staff see what's coming around corners, Protect Operations Solutions offers high quality convex mirrors for all your need at a competitive price. Common sizes are in stock for next day delivery.

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 Frame Repair Kits and Bumper Posts

Whether trying to protect your investment in EAS, or store fixturing, or repairing or preventing warehouse racking damage, we have solutions for you. With the ability to quickly customize and manufacture to your specification we can meet your projects needs. In stock solutions available for quick turnaround. 

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Security Adhesives

Whether you are looking for a height strip adhesive for your door, custom adhesives for security sensors, or destructive stickers to help prevent or identify stolen products, we can help. Fast turnarounds and ability for low volume production runs, we can help provide the right adhesive for your specific application at a competitive price. 


Cables, Lock Boxes and Anti-Sweep Bars

With retail theft at all time highs, using solutions that secure your merchandise, but still allow your customers to show without frustration is key. Protect Operations Solutions offers some simple solutions to help with garment theft and other products that can be displayed on a secure cable. Easy for staff, accessible to the customer but secure to prevent losses. 

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Counterfeit Detection

If you are seeing a lot of US cash or need to make sure IDs are valid before letting product out of your store on a contract, Protect offers simple and portable UV light solutions to make sure your staff know the bill or ID is valid before the customer leaves the store. 


Locks and Security Fixtures

Whether you are looking for a showcase lock, or a secure hook to help limit sweeps or lock the product on the hook, we are here to help. With locking and anti-sweep hook options we likely have a solution that works for you. 

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Custom Solutions

Whether a unique pin pad or POS equipment application or a security or operations-related custom solution, we are here to help.


  • In-house design, manufacturing and powder coating.

  • Custom Security Product Design Since 2002

  • Working with Canada’s largest retailers

  • Balance between customer experience and security


Proud Partner of

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We are proud to be partnered with Delta Lock; a market leader for retail fixture locks and much more. Contact us to help with your upcoming project.

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Protect Operations Solutions is committed to providing quality, long lasting, local solutions to help physically protect transactions at the point of sales and custom security-related products. If you are looking for high quality, long lasting solutions that improve your business and brand security we are here to help.

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