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About Us

Our focus is to provide quality Operations Solutions from POS to Product Protection and Supply Chain. With expertise in retail security, supply chain, and warehousing solutions, we provide many options from pin pad security stands, to garment security for your sales floor, to security convex mirrors and bumper posts for your fixtures or warehouse, supply chain or manufacturing facility racking.

Starting as a provider of pin pad security stands and still very focused on this segment, Protect Operations Solutions has expanded into other retail and warehouse security and operations solutions. With our unique low overhead approach and  full-service in-house design, manufacturing, and powder coating, we can offer, speed, customization, and competitive pricing like no one else. 


With accumulative experience of over 70 years in custom metal and expertise in debit terminal, and retail and warehouse security solutions, our three founders deliver top quality, guaranteed solutions to Protect from your POS, to your sell through inventory to your warehouse. Contact us today to see how Protect Operations Solutions can help your business.

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Our Founders


John Baxter

John has been a leader in metal design, production and paint in the Ontario, Canada market since 1981. John has been designing, manufacturing and painting debit terminal and retail operations protection solutions for the last decade and knows what is required to get the right mix of security, design and price.

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John Graham

John is an operations and logistics expert with experience dating back to 2000. John has been active in design, assembly, and distribution of debit terminal protections, and retail protection solutions dating back to 2008. With a family owned restaurant, John understands the importance of protection of your transactions and customer experience and brings a personal interest to the team.


David Kurth

David has been servicing retail loss prevention since 2002 and was part of a team who brought customized debit terminal protection to Canadian retailers in 2006. David brings expertise in consultative custom design and building programs that work for retail with a clear understanding the mix of security, design and price.

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